A/P One Work Smarter

Work Smarter…Not Harder with A/P One

It’s no surprise that large companies of today are booming with production to support their consumers, which creates the need to process hundreds or thousands of invoices monthly.

It’s also no surprise that those in charge of processing invoices are spending countless hours of their time keying in data from the invoices, when that time could be spent promoting the company itself, developing strategies with coworkers and other important tasks.

In fact, processing a SINGLE invoice can cost anywhere from $14 to $20. A company that processes 25,000 invoices per year at $15 per invoice will end up spending $375,000 of their own money in this process.

What could your company do if you could save that amount of money per year?

Manual processing was used before we could automate the process. Automated invoice processing solution, A/P One is easy and quick to setup and will save your company thousands of dollars each year.

A/P One lets companies  work smarter, not harder because it does the work for you.

The minutes of time it takes to manually enter data into each invoice can be totally eliminated with A/P One’s fully automated invoice receipt, data entry and data verification (verified by a human).

With A/P One’s automated invoice approval process, your company’s approvers can save even more time. Just think of all the extra projects your company can work on with the employee time saved when processing invoices.

Work SMARTER with CoreIntegrator’s cloud-based invoice processing solution, A/P One, today and get out of work on time

In our invoice processing cost savings analysis post, we break this process down even more and show you a cost-savings analysis based on a company that process 500 invoices per month. We compare the company’s current invoice processing cost, and show you what happens when A/P One comes into play.