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How AP Automation Enables Remote Work

Matt Wald
Author:Matt Wald

Companies around the globe rolled out mandatory or voluntary remote work or work from home policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This caused major disruptions to business flows. And companies still mired in manual and paper-based business processes were particularly hard hit.

Because if the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything it’s that our business operations need to continue no matter where we work – and that includes paying the bills.

And AP automation can help your company maintain business continuity in a virtual environment to accommodate work from home – or work from anywhere.

Contact us and we’ll have you ready to process AP invoices remotely in days – not weeks or months – and you’ll be one step closer to running your operations remotely.

Best of all, we can deploy your remote AP processing solution 100% remotely. We’ll have your employees processing AP invoices from home within 2 or 3 days!

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Remote Work with CoreIntegrator

One of the major benefits of a digital transformation including workflow automation is the ability to conduct business remotely.

With CoreIntegrator you can continue to process accounts payable transactions remotely from home, from a co-working space, or from anywhere in the world. So you won’t miss a single payment. Or incur a single late payment fee!

With both A/P One Enterprise and A/P One your business can manage procure to pay remotely.

Here’s how it works:

Receive Invoices Electronically

Invoices are typically sent to you via mail (paper document) or email (PDF document).

But CoreIntegrator workflow automation solutions including accounts payable automation allow your business to receive invoices electronically.

So there is no need to go into the office and open paper mail including paper invoices for processing.

With CoreIntegrator solutions, invoices are electronically received. No more paper invoices, no need to go to the office to receive them!

Code, Process and File Invoices from Anywhere

Once received, invoice information needs to be added into your accounting system. This work is typically done manually by an AP clerk, bookkeeper or in smaller businesses sometimes even a receptionist.

Unfortunately, manual data entry is slow. And often results in ‘fat finger’ mistakes. And all that time spent manually entering invoice data costs your company money.

But with CoreIntegrator solutions you can efficiently code and process invoices from anywhere.

See how our Verified Data Capture Service provides 99.9% accurate invoice data capture:

And then, whether you are on a cloud solution or a server solution, CoreIntegrator allows you to code invoices, assign GL codes and handle invoice payment preparation from home.

And Smart AP robotic process automation by CoreIntegrator makes your accounts payable data entry far easier with minimum wasted effort.

Whatever your AP automation workflow entails, CoreIntegrator gives you the tools and ability to efficiently input, processed and file accounts payable from anywhere.

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Invoices Approvals from Anywhere – Even on Mobile Devices

And CoreIntegrator makes your invoice approval process 100% remote.

Many businesses still manage approvals by having the book keeper or AP clerk walk the paper invoice around and leave it for the approver to initial or sign.

This is not only inefficient, it requires physical presence. Further, invoices left in approvers’ in-boxes can get lost or forgotten leading to late payment penalties. Worse, this approach is ripe for fraud as it’s not terribly difficult for a bad actor to forge an approver’s initials or signature.

Other small to medium sized businesses email a PDF copy of the invoice to the approver. The approver then replies to the email saying ‘approved’.

But people ignore emails. Or accidentally delete them. Meaning a vendor goes unpaid.

And in both processes, the accounting or AP clerk has to constantly chase after approvals – if he or she can keep track of which invoice approvals are outstanding and whose desk or email box they are lingering in!

Larger businesses usually have a more complex set of rules to determine who needs to authorize the invoice. Because of this, sometimes 2 or more people have to approve the same invoice. Using a manual/paper process in these cases is a recipe for disaster.

Once again, however, CoreIntegrator can make the approval process not only simple and secure from fraud but also accomplished from anywhere.

Invoices Approvals from Anywhere – Even on Mobile Devices

Automate Payments Either Through Your ERP or Using Our ePayment Option

After approval, you have to pay bills.

In a manual AP process this may involve sending a paper invoice or email to the correct person or department for payment.

And then someone has to write or cut a paper check.

This wastes time and requires physical presence.

But CoreIntegrator accounting system integrations, push your approved invoice data to your ERP or accounting system for payment. No physical presence required!

CoreIntegrator’s solution can automatically make electronic payments by check, ACH or wire transfer. Or why not use virtual credit cards and receive a 1% rebate on every payment you make!?

Learn more about our ePayment options in this short video:

CoreIntegrator AP Automation Enables Remote Work

In conclusion, the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting social distancing and work from home and remote work policies pushed the limits of business processes.

Further, it’s likely that this surge in remote work and work from home will forever transform the typical American workplace.

So tools like AP automation from CoreIntegrator that enable remote work and work from home will become more important.

Contact us to find out how CoreIntegrator can save you company time, money and process accounts payable from anywhere.

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