What Is AP Automation

What is Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation)

AP Automation (Accounts Payable Automation) is a solution used by accounting teams to digitize and streamline the processing of purchase orders and invoices. It is also know as procure to pay automation.

Our AP Automation software uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technologies integrated with robotic process automation (RPA) software to automate accounts payable PO, invoice, and payment processes.

Top of the line AP automation solutions also use Verified Data Capture Services to achieve near-100% accuracy of AP data automation.

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What Can Accounts Payable Automation Do for You?

AP automation replaces manual tasks around PO and invoice processing, approvals and payment while providing better visibility and control over financial data.

Full end-to-end AP automation solutions include:

Here’s what full end-to-end AP automation looks like:

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AP automation software will, at a minimum, achieve the following for you and your organization:

  • Simplify AP processing
  • Significantly reduce paper
  • Automate AP data entry
  • Reduce or eliminate data entry errors
  • Speed up AP processing
  • Make the invoice approval process easier and more convenient for approvers
  • Give immediate insight into an invoice status
  • Provide auditors with immediate access to invoices and invoice approvals for review
  • Save time and money for the company

In fact, it can not only save your company time and money. It can actually turn your AP department into a profit center!

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How to Find the Right AP Automation Solution for You

Software selection can be a daunting process.

And because implementing an AP automation software solution requires an investment of time and money it’s critical that you get it right the first time.

Luckily there is a tried and true approach to choosing the best software for your company. And that process applies to choosing the right AP automation software too.

We have created a guide and checklist on How to Choose an Accounts Payable Automation Software Provider.

Following this guide and you’ll have an AP automation solution that works for you.

CoreIntegrator AP Automation

CoreIntegrator has two solutions: CoreIntegrator Enterprise and A/P One.

With that said, let’s take a deeper look.

CoreIntegrator Enterprise

CoreIntegrator Enterprise is a powerful procure to pay automation solution that can be customized to meet infinite requirements and needs. It’s an enterprise system for enterprise-sized organizations.

And CoreIntegrator can automat a lot more than just AP. From travel and expense to HR to custom workflows, Enterprise can automate any workflow.

Learn How CoreIntegrator Enterprise Can Automate Any Workflow

A/P One

A/P One is a cloud based SaaS solution that can be implemented to automate your accounts payable in just 3 days.

Therefore, this out of the box AP automation solution is perfect for smaller and medium sized organizations that process between 3,000 and 15,000 invoices per year.

There are no big upfront costs and our unique flat-rate pricing model means you’ll never pay more than a couple dollars per invoice processed. And that cost goes down as the volume of invoices goes up.

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Bottom Line

Millions of companies and organizations have moved beyond paper and are enjoying the benefits!.

It allows for smaller AP department headcount, significant cost savings, and implements internal accounting controls.

Take a look at our AP automation cost savings calculator so see how much you could save!

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