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AP Automation for Transportation and Logistics Companies

Transportation and Logistics Companies Face Unique AP Challenges

Transportation and logistics AP automation is essential for continued success in the industry.

You have to deal with driver shortages, a hyper competitive market, fuel price volatility, continuing profit margin pressure, and economic cycles.

Paper-driven processes complicate these constant challenges. Whether it's recruiting and on-boarding contractors, managing permits and compliance, tracking and managing shipments, or managing supplier invoices or customer service orders, shipping and logistics companies can dramatically reduce costs and maintain better control of their operations by digitizing your processes and workflows.

You need software that is flexible and adapts to your workflows and processes in order to stay on top of your supply chain.

Whether you’re processing hundreds of supplier invoices a month or even thousands, AP Automation will save you time, money, and frustration.

And by implementing our ePayment solution you can even earn cash back on every bill you pay!


The transportation and logistics industry is driven by operational efficiency, continual process improvements, and a focus on cost minimization.

Profit margin pressure and commoditization of services are transforming the logistics business into a flexible range of solutions-based offerings.

But transportation and logistic company leaders are now in a position to dramatically improve their company for the better. Today you can save time and money by automating your AP process.  And your accounting staff can stop engaging in tedious and time-wasting tasks.

There’s a lot your T&L business can gain from automating and digitizing finance and AP operations.

And we’ve developed a specialty in transportation and logistics AP automation.

For example, we understand that your company processes a high volume of non-PO invoices every year. And when you are managing these invoice payments across several counties or states states the bills and complexity pile up quickly.

We also get that you have PO invoices to process for suppliers and other down-chain partners. So you need an automated process that matches POs with packing slips/receipts as well as invoices.

You need a system that can process both PO and non-PO invoices quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

That’s where CoreIntegrator comes in!


AP Automation Specifically Designed for Transportation and Logistics Companies

At CoreIntegrator, we solve for all the unique logistics AP automation challenges that you face.

From a compliance standpoint, it’s easy to keep all your information organized and safe. Potential audits are simple with our secure but easy-to-access digital invoice archive.

Centralize your entire operation's procure to pay process in one place.

It makes no sense to have your facilities and sites in several regions or states receiving, approving, and in some cases even paying their own bills.

On the PO side, our solutions allow requisitions to be electronically passed from your facilities to HQ and then go through an automated customized approval flow.

Need sign off at both the corporate as well as the facility level?

With CoreIntegrator, no problem! Both can be achieved with a single click on any device from anywhere in the world.

On the direct invoice side, all the bills for every facility can be processed directly at your home office or corporate HQ.

You or your facilities simply email all invoices and bills to the cloud and your invoice data will appear in your work queue within one business day.

Our Verified Data Capture Service provides near-100% accuracy of invoice data capture. Even for hard-to-interpret utility bills or hand-scrawled landscaping invoices, all with no expensive OCR technology!

That's because your data will have been reviewed for accuracy by at least two and up to four humans - providing absolute confidence in the accuracy of the invoice data.


See how the CoreIntegrator Data Capture Service can make your AP staff 500 times more efficient!

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From there our Smart AP robotic process automation completes your data entry and invoices are sent for approval. Which, again, can be made with a single click on any device from anywhere.

Once approved the invoice can be routed to your ERP for payment.

We can integrate with virtually any ERP or accounting system or you can choose to use CoreIntegrator’s ePay solution to set up electronic payments by eCheck, ACH, wire transfer or Virtual Credit Card.

But why not use virtual credit cards to pay your invoices and earn cash back for every invoice that your company pays!?


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Centralizing your AP process will create massive efficiency, and automating it through our procure to pay automation solutions will multiply your efficiency and savings.

See how full end to end procure to pay automation can save your company time and money.

Reduce Overhead and Costs

How much will your travel and logistics AP automation digital transformation save?

One logistics customer that implemented our automated procure to pay solution was able to save tens of thousands of dollars a year - while freeing up staff time!

And by converting just a small percentage of its invoice payments to eCard payments, the rebates would turn this company’s AP department into a profit center!

Use our Cost Savings Calculator to get an idea of how much your company could save – or make in profit!

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Improve Procurement and Bill Payment Efficiency

Not only will our procure to pay automation solutions save you time and money, it will also significantly speed up the purchasing and bill payment process. Automated electronic processing of invoices improves the turnaround time as well as the accuracy of the PO and invoice approval process.

No more late payment fees. No more over-payments, under-payments, or duplicate payments! It also means you can pay your bills much faster – and even qualify for early payment discounts!

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Track and Use Data from AP Automation to Achieve Greater Savings

Electronic archiving of legacy as well as current invoices allows for easier searching, reporting, and auditing of invoices.

But our logistics customers also use data from our AP automation solutions to track expenses, find anomalies, and further reduce expenses.

With greater insight into the bills they pay, our customers can identify less expensive vendors.

For example, say you have 2 properties in the same area - if one waste management company is charging far less than the other you will see that right away and be able to switch to the cheaper company for both sites.

AP automation also protects our customers against invoice fraud. Any anomalous invoice is flagged, and AP staff can investigate it before your company pays a fraudulent invoice.


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