The Business Process Playbook – Will the Perfect BPM Tool Solve All Your Problems?

Business Process Management has become an undeniable tool in increasing the efficiency of a corporate economy. BPM was once explained as a systematic approach to align people, process and systems spanning across multiple organizational departments to deliver effective, efficient and quality output for driving Business. However, now with smart technology playing out the digital transformation phase, the tools provide information to take manual and automated decisions to breakdown a bottleneck and convert that into an opportunity.

The process data plays a critical role by capturing data across process driven applications from each department in the organization. When pushing it to cloud and developing SaaS integration, the data captured assists in taking highly curated analytical decisions at a much granular level.

Now more than ever, organizations have started considering transforming costs into increased productivity to keep them growing in this globalized and dynamic economy to stay relevant in the business mostly automated and driven by technology. This is an interesting phase to understand “The Business Process Playbook” which can help any organization effectively transform itself by making use of the existing data and digital infrastructure to the fullest, if executed properly. BPM will help you eliminate and dispose unnecessary pieces and still manage to get efficient output. Technology solutions available in the market will help you Design, Execute, Analyze and Manage the entire organization effectively.

Business today requires a vast amount of information to be processed quickly and efficiently to accomplish business objectives. Organizations setup processes with a predefined sequence of documented and repeatable steps to consistently achieve the desired objectives. But as an organization grows, it should contend with the sheer complexity of numerous enterprise processes. Needless to say, there is a tremendous opportunity for process optimization to make business processes more effective. This primarily requires mapping current processes to the needs of the enterprise, quantifying value, analysis, streamlining task management, and better tracking.

Technology solutions for BPM can play the key role of a strategic business partner by improving productivity, reducing overall operational costs and contributing to overall business success by making faster decisions. BPM has been a buzzword for almost 2 decades now, I am not sure how many enterprises took a serious step in implementing it, however the real advantages of BPM will get to the Forefront with heavy data, machine learning and artificial intelligence being added to the whole scheme of things.