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Stephanie's story...

We are proud to share that Stephanie Sylvestre, Chief Programs Officer/CIO of The Children’s Trust, was recently selected as the Non-Profit CIO of the Year by South Florida Business Journal.

About the award

The SFBJ CIO of the Year award recognizes Stephanie as a leader who demonstrates these key characteristics:

  • Ability to work productively with business partners
  • Alignment of technology direction with the company's strategy
  • Innovation either internally or in the form of new products or services
  • Growth in their information technology team
  • Demonstration of strong leadership
  • Involvement in their community
The SFBJ CIO of the Year award recognizes Stephanie as a leader

Stephanie’s Envelope-Pushing Leadership

Stephanie is a leader at The Children's Trust, a taxpayer-funded trust whose mission is to partner with the community to plan, advocate for and fund strategic investments that improve the lives of all children and families in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Stephanie began her career in IT training, and that work still informs her view of IT business solutions today.

Having lived through an era when software was often not properly tested and was far from intuitive, Stephanie values software solutions that provide simplicity and reliability with intuitive user interfaces.

As a leader, Stephanie focuses on providing vision to her team and giving them the tools and freedom to achieve that vision.

Like all great leaders, she is also open to feedback and trusts her team to push back when necessary.

“My team lets me know when my vision doesn’t align with reality,” she said. “And I value that. Because being bold, challenging the status quo and pushing the envelope to formulate visions that stretch our team have been the keys to success for The Children’s Trust.”

CoreIntegrator as a Business Partner for Life

At CoreIntegrator, we view every client as a business partner for life. Our job doesn't end once a system is designed, built and installed. And CoreIntegrator is honored to have partnered with Stephanie in AP automation for The Children’s Trust.

Stephanie’s main goal in partnering with CoreIntegrator was to make her team's life easier and more productive.

So CoreIntegrator worked with Stephanie and her team to automate their A/P process with a focus on delivering a system that meets the specific needs of her organization.

True to her envelope-pushing business approach, Stephanie pushed hard to get her CoreIntegrator business process automation just right, ultimately telling us, “I want to thank you for all the support and assistance you have provided! I am grateful for indulging me in my ‘crazy ideas’.”

As pioneers in A/P automation software CoreIntegrator has 20 years of experience working alongside companies like The Children’s Trust to implement envelope-pushing ‘crazy ideas’ to automate business processes and workflow. And our team is always available to support and collaborate with our partners.

After all, there are always more cost-savings to be found. More ways companies can find efficiency. In fact, 94% of our partners who achieve significant cost savings and ROI by automating accounts payable processing go on to partner with us to automate other business workflows. We use this experience to offer the most suitable process automation solutions possible for each business we partner with. But we go one step further and use our experience to provide recommendations around general workflow best practices.

Contact us and we’ll will work together with you and your team to build a solution that is perfectly matched for your business workflow automation needs. Congratulations to Stephanie and The Children’s Trust for winning this award! We look forward to a long and productive relationship!