Success Stories

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The Children’s Trust

CoreIntegrator partnered with The Children’s Trust to automate accounts payable. The goal of this envelope-pushing project was to make The Children’s Trust’s accounting team’s life easier and more productive.

As pioneers in A/P automation software CoreIntegrator has 20 years of experience working alongside companies like The Children’s Trust to implement envelope-pushing ideas to automate business processes and workflow.

We are proud to share that our partner at The Children’s Trust, Stephanie Sylvestre, Chief Programs Officer/CIO, was recently selected as the Non-Profit CIO of the Year by South Florida Business Journal!


Vertical Bridge

Like many AP departments, rather than being designed around efficiency and best practices, Vertical Bridge’s AP department had simply grown organically over several years.

But as Vertical Bridge experienced significant growth, its AP department’s resources were outstripped by the sheer volume of vendors, invoices and approvals.

Instead of trying to apply a one-size-fits-all solution, CoreIntegrator partnered with Vertical Bridge to tailor an AP automation system that meets Vertical Bridge’s unique business process requirements.

Together, CoreIntegrator and Vertical Bridge applied industry best practices to simplify and optimize their everyday administrative tasks through process automation.


Newark Housing Authority

The Newark Housing Authority oversees over 12,000 housing units throughout the City of Newark. It is the largest housing authority in the State of New Jersey. Created under the Federal Housing Act of 1938, the agency addresses blighted conditions and a shortage of affordable housing.

They looked for a solution that would automate their accounts payable from a paper driven process. Their priority was to minimize or eliminate human touch points. And provide a way for their employees to easily process invoices from home during the pandemic.

The combined solution of ancora Software and CoreIntegrator Enterprise provided exactly what they needed.


Tailored solutions for your specific needs

The CoreIntegrator Enterprise platform is capable of automating any business process with its integrated forms designer and workflow designer tools.

We used our Enterprise solution to completely revolutionize the business processes of our client, Empire education group.

Watch how CoreIntegrator Enterprise optimized the business processes of Empire Education Group