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Skelta BPM Workflow Conversion to CoreIntegrator

Jon Schreyers
Author:Jon Schreyers

The Skelta BPM workflow (sometimes known as Skelta Business Process Management, Wonderware Skelta BPM or OpenText™ ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager) is a system that is an embed-able workflow engine, based on HTML5 standards.

Wonderware Skelta BPM workflow is an advanced business process management and workflow software with direct integration to industrial processes, systems and automated assets for industrial operations process and procedure management.

The sophisticated Business Process Management (BPM) application enables companies to Model, Execute, Analyze and Improve processes to drive higher levels of productivity, collaboration and innovation.

Wonderware Skelta BPM Workflow Solution

CoreIntegrator has been using and working with the Skelta BPM Workflow tool for over a decade.

Initially we used Skelta as the workflow engine in own solution, A/P One Enterprise. But we found that Skelta BPM was falling further and further behind in technology. It was not meeting our customers’ needs.

So we developed our own workflow engine called CoreFlow.

And now we have now built a conversion tool to make migrating from the Skelta BPM workflow engine to the improved CoreFlow super easy.

Converting from Skelta BPM to CoreIntegrator

CoreIntegrator’s Skelta BPM workflow conversion tool now makes moving over to the more powerful CoreFlow completely stress free.

With our tool, you can keep all of your integration setup and rules – but upgrade to a platform that is constantly evolving.

Our migration tools automate approximately 85% of the workflow to the new CoreFlow platform with no effort on your part.

Additional tools and procedures help clean up the rest. And we also do a before and after analysis to ensure the migration is a success.

So you’ll not only be upgraded from Skelta BPM workflow to CoreFlow, you’ll also have your current processes optimized, giving you better results.

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Why Convert to CoreIntegrator?

CoreIntegrator’s CoreFlow technology allows you to automate nearly every aspect of your business processes.

We have a dedicated team that is constantly evolving the product to bring you the full potential of available tech.

This means an easy conversion will get you:

  • Cloud, on premises or hosted solutions
  • Forms designer
  • Out of the box business solutions – including A/P and finance, HR, Procurement and much more
  • Integrations to ERP solutions
  • OCR and data capture solutions
  • Content management

CoreIntegrator Grows Your Business with You

At CoreIntegrator, we’re a team of industry professionals, focused on helping grow your business.

Our solutions are always growing and expanding, and new modules are becoming available.

At CoreIntegrator, we uses industry best practices to simplify and optimize everyday administrative tasks through AP automation.

Our goal is to make the lives of our customers’ employees easier. That’s why we build products that works perfectly within company’s process and structure to deliver systems that meet the actual needs of each organization.

So contact us to see how easily you can convert your Skelta BPM workflow to CoreIntegrator’s CoreFlow!

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