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    AP Automation Savings Multiply by using CoreIntegrator Verified Data Capture Service

    Adding Data Capture Service technology to your AP automation solution multiplies your savings. This service saves data entry time by using technology and human verification to capture key information from each invoice and entering the data for you, providing nearly 100% accuracy.

    How much can Verified Data Capture save your organization? Industry estimates are that data capture technology can save from $2 to $5 per invoice.

    For the purposes of this cost savings calculator, we are using a conservative estimate of $2.75 in savings per invoice when using our Verified Data Capture Service, OCR, or a combination of both.

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    Saving money with AP Automation

    As you can see, your company or organization will achieve considerable savings by automating your Accounts Payable tasks.

    Whether you choose our fully customizable Enterprise solution or our cloud based SaaS solution (A/P One), you will save time, resources and money with electronic invoice processing, filing and retrieval. Automating and digitizing invoice approvals means no more chasing managers around for approval. And approvers love the ability to see and approve invoices with a single click on any device from anywhere in the world!

    How much does AP automation save? Industry estimates for savings range from $3 per invoice to more than $9 per invoice.

    For the purpose of this AP automation cost savings calculator, we are using a conservative estimate of $4 in savings per invoice when using an AP Automation solution.