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9 Strategies to Improve Supplier Payment Terms

  • Learn how to stop leaving money on the table when you negotiate supplier terms.
  • See how you can save 1% - 3% on every invoice!
  • These are 9 actionable ways you can improve supplier payment terms right now.

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    About this Guide

    This guide provided 9 actionable strategies to improve supplier terms and save your company thousands of dollars a year.

    How to Use This Guide

    Most AP departments are viewed as necessary overhead - a cost center that is required in order to pay bills.

    But savvy accounting mangers can actually improve their company's bottom line.

    This guide shows you how.

    Download this guide and learn how you can improve supplier payment terms. You don't have to be a world class negotiator to save 1% - 3% on every invoice your company pays.

    All you need is to use these highly actionable strategies.

    The Tactics are Simple but Effective

    Each tactic includes an example or pro tip. So you are going to learn not just what to do to improve vendor payment terms, but why each tactic is effective.

    The guide will set you up to be a vendor management hero, known for your ability to save your company money!