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Procure to Pay

Automation for Outdoor Advertising Companies

Outdoor advertising companies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to automating the procure to pay process.

As an out of home advertising company you receive a lot of non-PO invoices. So most of your payment data comes directly from the invoice rather than from a purchase order.

And for a variety of reasons the invoices you process are often difficult to interpret.

But at CoreIntegrator we have solved the specific challenges of automating AP for outdoor advertising companies.

And by implementing our ePayment solution you can even earn cash back on every bill you pay!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common and frustrating invoices that out of home advertising companies deal with.

Automating Utility Bill Payments

We know that as an out of home advertising company you pay a LOT of different utility bills to keep the lights shining on your billboards and keep electronic billboards running.

And utility bills are notoriously difficult to process for payment. In fact, it seems like no two utility bills are the same.

Electric utility bills contain a lot of information so the payment details can be difficult to find.

And keeping the various utility entities straight can be a struggle – especially since they often have the same Payee name but simply different payment addresses.

But our solutions take all the frustration of processing utility bill payments out of your AP process.

Bill payments

Automating Landscaping Invoice Payments

We’ve seen all sorts of outdoor advertising landscape invoices.

From professional invoices that are simple and easy to read to invoices that are hand-scrawled on piece of crumpled paper.

Sometimes processing landscaping invoice payments is like trying to read hieroglyphics!

There’s no need to put yourself or your staff though that struggle.

CoreIntegrator’s procure to pay automation solutions will do it for you.


Automating Land Lease Payments

Payments on a 20-year outdoor advertising land lease are among the simplest, most repetitive payment that any company makes.

But they need to be processed correctly on time, every time.

A missing or late payment could mean penalties or even a lease violation that could lead to loss of use.

Our AP automation solutions not only ensure timely payment but also allow total transparency into your historic costs and help inform future land lease negotiations.

Land leasing

Automating Design and Print Invoices

Your advertising design and print services partners are your most important vendors.

So whether you do business with them through purchase orders or direct invoicing, you want easy insight into the approval process.

And then you want to make sure they get paid on time.

Our workflow engine is so simple that you can create approval workflows yourself.

And of course, you’ll never miss a payment deadline again.


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Procure to Pay

How We Automate the Process

CoreIntegrator’s AP automation solutions have been specifically designed for the type of high- volume invoice and PO processing that out of home advertisers deal with.

Here’s how we do it.

Invoice Data Capture

First, our Verified AP Data Capture service handles even the most frustrating invoice data entry.

Your AP staff or your vendors simply upload or email invoices – no matter their quality - to our system.

Invoice data then appears in your AP clerk’s work queue within 1 business day with important data automatically entered in your system ready to be processed.

And best of all, at least two humans verify the accuracy of that invoice data by the time it is loaded to your company’s AP work queue.

And if there are any discrepancies then up to four humans will check, re-check and verify that your AP invoice data is accurate.

And if, after this rigorous review, we still aren’t sure about the accuracy of the invoice data we flag that invoice for your review.

So CoreIntegrator Data Capture Service not only automates the invoice data capture, it automates data verification!

Even for the sloppiest handwritten invoice!

Data capture

See how the CoreIntegrator Data Capture Service can make your AP staff 500 times more efficient!

Smart AP Robotic Process Automation

So all your data invoice is automatically entered and verified. Which saves an enormous amount of time and frustration.

But we’re not done automating your outdoor advertising company’s invoice processing yet!

Once the invoice data auto-populates into the system, our Smart AP RPA can automate the entire processing of that invoice data.

Smart AP RPA is a tool that learns how you prepare invoices based on a few “key values”.

These key values are indicators to Smart AP so it knows how you want the data entry completed.

For example, if you always prepare your invoices based on the vendor, then vendor is your key field and Smart AP auto-populates your system based on how you processed an invoice from that vendor before.

But sometimes your process isn’t quite that simple.

Maybe your key values are a combination of fields, such as company name, then vendor as well as the department or facility the invoice should be charged to.

Now you have three key fields and once you enter those key values, all the rest of the information will auto-populate based on how you processed the invoice with those three key values the last time.

This automates the entire invoice payment detail. And for repetitive payments like land lease payments, you will have zero data manipulation to do.

You just press a button and the payment will be sent for approval or completed.

Smart AP RPA makes data completion a breeze.


Automated Invoice Approvals

Invoices that get stuck in the approval process are one of the biggest frustrations purchasing staff face.

Invoices can sit on approvers desks for weeks. Or, worse, get lost. It’s frustrating and embarrassing to pay bills late.

And with many outdoor advertising bills you incur a late payment fee.

But with AP automation in place your out of home advertising company can quickly and easily approve invoices or purchase orders – no matter how complicated the approval hierarchy is.

And if a requisition gets stuck in the approval process you have immediate insight into where the holdup is.

And approvers can see and approve an invoice with one click on any device from anywhere in the world!

Invoice approval

Automating Payments

The last step of invoice processing is payment.

For many companies this means a paper invoice approval goes to an accounting clerk who writes or prints a paper check that must be signed then be mailed.

Manual systems are slow, inefficient and time consuming. And are also highly susceptible to fraud.

Payment automation solves all those problems. Payment automation is the final step in full end to end procure to pay automation.

And with our AP automation solutions for outdoor advertising companies, you can choose to have approved invoices sent to your ERP for payment.

Or you can choose to use CoreIntegrator’s ePay solution to set up autopayments by eCheck, ACH, wire transfer or Virtual Credit Card.

But why not use virtual credit cards to pay your invoices and earn cash back for every invoice that your company pays!?

See How Much You Could Save!

Our procure to pay solution designed specifically for outdoor advertising companies will make processing invoices a snap.

But more importantly, it will save your company money. Check out our AP Automation Cost Savings Calculator to see how much you could save!

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