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From Accounting to HR, or a custom fit. A/P One Enterprise can be molded to suit.

Accounting and Finance

As pioneers in AP automation software, we have 20 years of experience working alongside companies of all sizes. We use the wisdom and know-how acquired through these years to offer the best possible accounting and finance automation solutions based on industry best practices.

The full featured, fully customizable A/P One Enterprise AP Automation Solutions provide your organization with made to order forms and workflows to meet all your Accounting and Finance needs. Automate Finance processes such as Invoice Approval, Check Requests and New Vendor Setup. Modernize and streamline your Procure to Pay process today!

Invoice Processing

One of the most labor intensive tasks for finance and accounting is processing an invoice. From data entry to an approval process that touches all levels of the organization – the invoice approval process is a prime target for automation.

CoreIntegrator’s pre-packaged invoice processing module is designed to eliminate the paper handling process eliminate data entry. An advanced workflow routing module ensures that every person that needs to review or approve the invoice is involved.

Additional checks for duplicate invoices, potential fraud and vendor validation help secure the entire payment process.


Vendor Management

Most companies fail to manage and maintain their Vendor Master database. From the time a new vendor is added to your system to the time a vendor is paid, important policies and procedures should be followed, including: W9 collection, vendor validation, duplicate vendor prevention and new vendor approval to prevent fraudulent payments.

CoreIntegrator’s vendor management module is designed to keep your vendor master clean and in order while preventing many issues that occur without having an organized approach to creating and maintaining your vendors.

Travel and Expense

Companies of all sizes and industries will process some form of a travel related expense.

And with our new CoreIntegrator Travel and Expense Solution users can use our mobile app to capture expenses in real time. No more piles of paper reciepts!

Generally treated just like a traditional invoice, this application allows users to manage travel and entertainment related expenses from start to finish including: the ability to track expenses by type and date, attach receipts by line item, auto-calculate mileage reimbursement, detail transactions that are both reimbursable and non-reimbursable, auto generate proper GL codes and much more.

Users can also track the approval and payment process and instantly retrieve and view previously submitted reports including payment information (check date, number and amount) for audit and tax purposes.


Journal Entry

Journal entries can be an overwhelming process for many companies at month end and a streamlined process can avoid bottlenecks during this important process.

CoreIntegrator’s Journal Entry module can assist in this time consuming process through a variety of features including: auto-creation of journal entries for those repetitive entries that happen each month, excel import features enhance the process where large volumes of distributions are required, attachment of supporting documents and of course an approval process to make sure each journal entry is accurate and valid.

Check Requests

Not all invoices come in the form of a traditional paper invoice and a “check request” is required. Although an invoice may not be available, the proper information and supporting documentation is required to process and approve any payment to a vendor.

CoreIntegrator’s check request workflow module is designed to eliminate the paper handling process and emulate an invoice approval process without the traditional invoice.

CoreIntegrator’s electronic forms module provides users with an e-form that includes everything required to process the check request including the ability to attach unlimited supporting documentation and proper GL coding. Because it is treated just like any other invoice, it will follow the same rules for review and approval as a traditional invoice.

GL Account Management

Some companies are under constant pressure to create and manage new GL accounts for reporting and management purposes. Maintaining a consistent and quality driven approach to creating new GL accounts is important and the GL account management module from CoreIntegrator is designed to assist in that process.

Users can create new GL accounts through an e-form designed for this purpose which includes features for comments, description and all supporting documentation necessary for audits. CoreIntegrator’s workflow approval process also ensures that each new GL account is properly reviewed and authorized prior to the actual creation in the accounting system.


We have mastered the art and science of procurement automation.

Our full featured, fully customizable A/P One Enterprise Procurement Automation Solution provides your organization with made-to-order forms and workflows to meet all your purchasing workflow needs.

Automate your Purchasing Department by streamlining your Purchase Requisition, PO Matching and Journal Entry processes. Modernize and streamline your Procure to Pay process today!

Purchase Requisition

There is no better way to manage spending, especially against budget, than having a purchase requisition system in place. The industry trend is to obtain proper approval prior to making a purchase which provides for numerous benefits downstream, including:

  • Realtime check to available funds through budget checks in the purchase request
  • Electronic receipt of goods or services
  • Processing of invoices that are matched to approved purchase orders (2 and 3 way match)
  • Fraud and duplicate payment prevention
  • Faster processing of the invoice, happier vendors and ability to obtain early pay discounts

Streamline the entire procure to pay process with A/P One Enterprise.

Budget Management

In most companies, the budgeting process is an intensive and time-consuming process that is necessary to meet specific revenue and spending objectives.

Most managers are required to meet these objectives at a department or organizational level today, but do not have the proper tools to manage on a real-time basis.

A/P One Enterprise combined with the purchase requisitions module can provide users with real-time information of available funds compared to active purchase requests. Spending is now managed based on budgets at the time of the request vs. after the fact reporting that is often too late and irrelevant.

Invoice/PO Matching

With CoreIntegrator’s 2-way and 3-way matching module for PO based Invoices, users can quickly and easily match invoices to open or received purchase orders. Combined with OCR line item capture technology, automatic electronic matching is a feature that can be a tremendous time saver.

Additional features that allow for the matching of multiple PO’s to a single invoice, partial invoices and quantity and price variances add to the flexibility of the matching process. Inserting quick edits for tax and shipping charges and the ability to submit an edit to the original PO will streamline the entire process.



For companies that require a receipt confirmation against an open PO upon delivery of goods or services, especially outside of a standard warehouse, this is typically a very manual and paper intensive process that can delay the review and approval of the invoice.

With A/P One Enterprise, the receipt process can be an automatic extension of the purchase request workflow. Users receive an electronic e-form to complete the receiving of goods or services that updates the status of the purchase order for 3-way matching in the accounts payable department.

Not only is the receipt form automatically attached to the invoice, but users have the ability to add supporting documents such as packing slips to the document history.

Human Resources

Let A/P One Enterprise Business Process Automation solutions help manage your Human Resources processes.

Whether you want to automate your employee hiring and onboarding process, or digitize your HR workflows including employee reviews, time off requests and employee development, CoreIntegrator is ready to help.

Check out some of the solutions below that are already saving time and money for our existing customers.

Employee Onboarding

The New Hire process typically begins at the new hire request step; once approved, the new hire process begins and continues with a host of tasks, paperwork, legal documents and company setup procedures.

Manually working through these steps is not only time consuming but expensive and makes getting new employees on board and working as fast as possible very challenging.

The New Hire workflow module from CoreIntegrator provides hiring managers with tools, electronic forms and workflows to ensure all steps in the hiring process is done accurately and completely. In many instances, tasks can be assigned to multiple people simultaneously compared to a “one step at a time” approach in a manual process – therefore significantly reducing the length of time involved in hiring a new employee.


Like the new hire process, the termination process must also be done as fast as possible and in many instances, multiple steps in the process need to be accomplished by several resources at the same time. Proper documentation, exit interviews, security and property returns are all part of a lengthy process that can be streamlines with CoreIntegrator workflow.

Standard documents and processes are automatically included for each termination request so that users (including Human Resources) are directed through a proper and thorough process that safeguards the company and persons involved.

Employee Change Notice

The traditional employee change form is a jam-packed form that tries to include every possible change request onto a single form. This creates a confusing and often improperly completed form that ends up extending the time to process. Additional costs are also associated with having multiple people involved over an extended review and approval process.

CoreIntegrator’s use of “intelligent” forms simplifies the employee change form process by only displaying the fields on the form that are required based on the type of request being submitted. With the addition of calculated fields, required fields and secured fields for sensitive information, the Employee Change Notice form is a perfect addition to any HR department.

Employee Review

As a manager, imagine having your employee review forms automatically queued up for you well ahead of the due date for an employee review. In addition, last year’s review is automatically included with recorded goals and objectives for the current year as well as scores and rankings for performance. Everything at your fingertips to streamline the review process.

CoreIntegrator’s electronic Employee Review form can also adapt dynamically from one employee to the next depending on the type of position each employee holds. Human Resources has immediate access and visibility to all reviews in progress throughout the organization to ensure this important process is completed accurately and on time.

Time Off Requests

A simple task like requesting time off can create other issues later if not documented properly. Many times, the request is done verbally, through email or some other informal method. Approvals are typically done just as informally as the request, and items like the employee’s available time is not even verified.

Time Off Requests can now be automated, available time can be validated real-time and proper approvals can be recorded and tracked with CoreIntegrator’s Time Off Request workflow. A simple but important process that can prevent employee related issues before they happen.

Employee Development

Utilizing CoreIntegrator for Employee development can help eliminate paper, automate procedures and reduce the overall administration of such processes. Whether this is an employee-initiated process or scheduled by Human Resources at specific intervals, employee development is an important part of the human resources agenda.

The Empire Education Group transitioned to an automated development and reporting procedure using A/P One Enterprise.

Check out how this automation has eased their workflow.

Industry-Specific Workflow Automation

CoreIntegrator can develop cost saving automation solutions for any industry-specific workflow process.

If you are mired down in a paper-centric manual process we can help!

We have extensive experience in industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Trucking/Logistics and Government.

Any industry can benefit from the use of a CoreIntegrator Business Process Automation solution.

Here are some of our more notable industry-specific automation solutions.

Property Management

Accounts Payable


Incident Reporting


Customer Service


Purchase requisitions and budget management

Higher Education

Human Resources


Claims Review


Product Change Notice


Advertising Management


Travel and Business Operations

Trucking and Logistics



Order Processing


Product Development

Social Services

Fund Management and Budgeting

Have a business process that we haven’t covered?

Our A/P One Enterprise platform can be customized to automate almost any business processes.

The base solution has a huge amount of capabilities and with our in-house team of developers, we can create a solution perfect for your business.

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