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Managing AP Automation Software Implementations Remotely

Matt Wald
Author:Matt Wald

Is it possible to manage an AP automation software implementation remotely?

The answer is yes!

Organizations and companies that undergo a digital transformation – including AP automation – have the ability to process AP invoices remotely.

But what about companies that have not implemented AP automation software?

From food delivery to software delivery, the ability to conduct business in a way where people don’t come in direct contact or even proximity to each other became the new normal during the COVID pandemic. Whether we are talking about six feet or six hundred miles of separation, the ability to implement software solutions remotely in a contactless way is more important than ever.

So, as remote work has gone mainstream, we are often asked if an AP automation implementation project can happen in a remote fashion.

The answer is an emphatic yes! Remote and contactless AP automation software implementation is 100% possible.

In fact, even in normal times much of our project delivery is or could be performed remotely.

So yes, your company or organization can definitely have a remote, contactless AP automation software implementation!

If you have not started your AP automation solution implementation, you can have a remote end-to-end software implementation. And if you are in the process of an AP automation solution implementation you can definitely complete it remotely and/or contactlessly – if you choose the right provider and solution.

Read on to find out:

How to Choose a Remote AP Automation Software Implementation Partner

To choose the right remote AP automation software implementation partner, simply follow our Guide to Selecting an AP Automation Provider. But add in the requirement that your implementation must be entirely remote and contactless.

If an AP solution cannot be implemented remotely then scratch it from your list of potential AP automation providers.

CoreIntegrator, for example, has remote and contactless implementation options for all of our AP automation solutions.

If you are a small to midsize company that processes 3,000 or more non-PO invoices then check out our A/P One solution. We can have you up and running automated AP processing in less than 3 days…with a 100% remote and contactless implementation.

If you are an enterprise-sized company then check out our powerful A/P One Enterprise workflow automation solution. We can also get you up and running with a remote implementation with A/P One Enterprise depending on the system and features you select.

What to Look for in a Remote AP Automation Software Solution and Provider

You want to partner with an accounts payable automation software provider that you can trust to accurately and efficiently automate your AP.

And this requirement is even more important when you will be dealing with that provider completely remotely. Software implementations are painful if done poorly. Remote software implementations can be even worse.

So use our Guide on What to Look for in Accounts Payable Automation Software to make sure you get the right AP automation partner.

Here is what our guide suggests that you should look for:

  • Trust
  • Experience
  • Accurate Invoice Data Capture
  • Easy and Convenient Invoice Approvals
  • Ability to Track AP Invoices Through the Entire Process
  • Solid Integrations With Your Accounting System

If you follow these guidelines you’ll be choosing a best in class AP automation system that can be implemented remotely.

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How Remote AP Automation Software Implementations Work

So how do remote AP automation software implementations work?

In a remote implementation scenario you will work with your selected provider to document your internal AP invoice workflows.

Your selected provider should have experience in helping you document your workflows. But more than that, they should be able to advise you on ways to improve your AP invoice processes based on best practices as you automate them.

For example, AP automation includes the ability to digitize invoice approvals. So instead of passing paper invoices around to approvers to initial with a pen, approvers simply review and approve invoices with a single click on any device from anywhere in the world.

With this power and flexibility, you may want to consider implementing a more robust best-practices approval process based on a specific vendor, invoice types, invoice amounts or other factors.

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Configure or Customize AP Automation

Your approval workflows should be easily customizable.

At CoreIntegrator, for example, we have out of the box pre-configured drag and drop workflow tools so that non-technical administrators can customize their company’s workflow rules for AP invoice approvals. With an easy to use interface, new invoice approval workflows are fully designed in a matter of a few clicks, not weeks or months of programming.

AP invoice approval flow
AP automation with simple, intuitive drag and drop interface

So your AP automation solution provider should be providing you with not just best practices. But also the tools to easily – if not automatically – implement them.

Once all of your internal AP processes have been documented and improved, your AP automation solution provider configures its solution for your company or organization.

Then it will provide your staff with not just documentation and training videos. As well as live remote training on the AP automation solution. And they should be available to not just help your through your go-live and adoption of the new system but for years after your implementation.

Depending on the AP automation solution you choose, you could be up and running automated AP processing in as little as three days.

Within three days you could have verified automated AP data capture, robotic process automation, easily configurable approval workflows and solid integrations with your accounting system.

Again, we implement all of this functionality remotely.

And if you choose the right provider, you will have a partner for life. One who will support you and help you not just manage AP processing, but other workflow automations too.

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Conclusion – Managing Successful AP Automation Software Implementation Projects Remotely

One of the key features of an AP automation solution is the ability of your accounting staff to work remotely. Including work from home.

Maybe you are coming to the concept of implementing AP automation software and giving your AP staff the ability to work remote out of necessity.

Or maybe because you are building your post-COVID-19 business continuity/disaster recovery plan.

Or because it will save your company time and money. After all, implementing AP automation software is cheaper and easier than hiring new AP staff.

The reality is that it will meet or achieve all of those things.

And best of all, you can implement AP automation solutions remotely!

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