OCR reinventing itself

Is Imaging and OCR reinventing itself?

I have been looking into the old technologies that gave birth to OCR and its many advantages. I used to think that probably this technology may not last long as part of the new digital infrastructure but I realized that this is going to stay for long time may be until we stop manufacturing printers and/or we stop writing. The form factor and types of devices that does OCR will change but the technology will remain the same. The industry does thrive more right now on buzzwords like Cloud OCR and Mobile OCR. Let’s try to discuss a few point in this blog around the same:

Security – The security is improved everyday but when something goes on the cloud, it does create a sense of insecurity and fear of data breach. Put something up in the cloud, and who knows who will access your data and how they plan to use it. Again, it is more to do with the infrastructure than the technology.

The Cloud – The transfer of documents back and forth, you have to definitely ensure that you optimize paying for bandwidth, storage and processor cycles. Every byte is controlled, communicated, tracked and serviced for payment.

Lack of Consumer Awareness – Every printer company seems to have their own private cloud, document management and a basic portal to start with. Scanning and simple storage in a file system is moved to a more sophisticated cloud based storage with anytime access. In general, certain set of consumers really don’t focus on the concept of what OCR can do for them unless the end result is quick search, accessibility of document information and ease of sharing.

Enterprises still Love Being On Premise – The real truth is that there are a number of on premise OCR solutions that can do reduce noise, read the image and do the conversions quickly and without much expense.

So in short, Imaging and OCR is not reinventing itself, there is definitely migration but the base technology is here to stay and rule for at least another decade or two. OCR actually propels business processes for enterprises and play a major role in gathering meaningful data.