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How Warner Pacific Automated their AP Process

  • How easy it was to switch from manual to automated
  • Ability to handle 1000 invoices a month with only 2 staff

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    Download this case study to understand how Warner Pacific was able to automate their AP process, saving both time and money for the company.

    About this Case Study

    Warner Pacific went from processing 50 invoices per week to processing 250 with only manual processes in place. The AP team was quickly overwhelmed.

    But today their AP process is completely automated. In fact, their process is so efficient and comprehensive that they are able to process 5 times the number of invoices with the same 2 AP staff that they have always had.

    In this case study you’ll learn how they selected their AP automation provider and what it has meant for their company.

    In her own words, the AP manager at Warner Pacific explains how A/P One has been a game-changer for Warner Pacific making her job easier and her team happier.