A/P One Getting to done
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Getting to Done With A/P One

Jon Schreyers
Author:Jon Schreyers

With CoreIntegrator, done means 100% complete. Not 90% or “almost done”. Done is done.

When it comes to processing invoices, companies spend time and money  manually entering data from the invoices and approving them, which is where human errors also come into play.

Adding to the confusion, many companies have employees that work remotely or travel. When an invoice comes in, it could take weeks to approve due to these circumstances, and let’s be honest – no one has time to wait until the approver gets back in to the office because by that time, the invoice could be misplaced or even lost, or you could miss the payment due date.

With A/P One, process your invoices and get to DONE. A/P One can be implemented in just a few days, and you only pay for the invoices you process-no software or infrastructure fees are required. With CoreIntegrator’s new Smart AP tool, eliminate all of the time-consuming data entry and move your invoices quickly through the approval process so you can get your job DONE!

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