CoreIntegrator Comprehensive Support Plan

Our comprehensive support plan provides peace of mind. 

What the Comprehensive Support Plan Includes:

  • All software updates, new releases, application fixes and patches are provided at no charge. (Professional services fees may apply).
  • Access to the Help Desk (key contacts)
  • Quarterly update meeting: review any issues, new product review and status of current installation.
  • A training class after any version upgrade on new features and changes to the software.
  • All license deployment for any new license purchases
  • Any point release (example 3.5.3 to 3.5.9), as required, is provided at no charge including professional services – Note: version upgrades (example 3.3 to 3.5) are available at no charge but professional services are provided for a fee.
  • Major versions of CoreIntegrator are supported for a minimum of (5) years from customer release date. Older versions of CoreIntegrator may not support newer versions of operating systems, database software or other 3rd party software and may require an upgrade to be supported. Patches and fixes to CoreIntegrator are not guaranteed to be backward compatible to older versions and may require an upgrade.
  • Help documentation and general user documentation
  • Access to CoreIntegrator knowledge base

Support Hours

Normal Support is provided Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Support is also available after hours per customer advanced request (additional fees may apply).

What’s not included in the support plan

  • Troubleshooting of non-product related issues or customer caused issues.
  • Professional Services for changes, enhancements, new workflows, reports, etc.
  • Any out-of-scope services for new implementation projects.
  • Training for “new” key contacts after the initial project is completed. Training classes are available and can be quoted upon request.
  • When upgrading, any professional services required to do the actual upgrade: software deployment, customizations, etc. is not included in the annual support.
  • When a customer upgrades to a newer release of CoreIntegrator SW, some customizations may need to be re-developed or migrated to the newer release. Those customizations may not be included as part of the no charge upgrade.

Customers choosing not to be on a support plan

Note: all subscription-based license plans automatically include Comprehensive support.

Any Customer that does not have a current support plan will (applies only to customers with pricing models that separate support from license fees):

  • Not have access to any new CoreIntegrator SW releases or bug fixes.
  • Not have access to customer support.
  • Be required to pay the contract costs from their last active anniversary date through the current year anniversary date to become re-activated on support.
  • CoreIntegrator cannot guarantee support to customers that are 2 or more software versions behind.

Annual Software Support Anniversary Date

The anniversary date for the annual support will be determined as follows: The first day of the month in which the product is ready for production use.


Training after new CoreIntegrator software version updates will be provided remotely via web meeting.

Training will be provided to the following groups:

  • Key power users who have been involved in the project from the beginning
  • Key users who will have comprehensive use of the software
  • Scanning (if proposed)
  • Administrative users (from a CoreIntegrator standpoint)
  • Administrative users (from an IT standpoint)

What is not included in the training:

  • Customized training material (document or video)
  • End user training
  • Technical training on workflow development (unless specified)

Emergency Services

Most emergencies are “quick fixes” and can be addressed through normal help desk support. But if there is disaster that hits an organization that creates a rebuilding and recovery process that requires immediate attention with a team of resources – CoreIntegrator support can engage in an Emergency Services agreement with the customer that re-directs resources to focus on the recovery process.

Comprehensive Support Plus Plan

An optional plan that provides a higher level of help desk support to assume many of the day-to-day administrative responsibilities for the customer. See Support Plus Data Sheet for more information.