Oracle PeopleSoft AP Automation

Arch MI’s Oracle PeopleSoft AP Automation Goes Live

An Oracle PeopleSoft AP Automation Success Story

Arch MI is a leading provider of mortgage insurance (MI) in the United States.

At CoreIntegrator we were proud to be selected to automate Arch MI’s accounts payable process with our CoreIntegrator Enterprise solution.

And because we believe in going the extra mile for every customer, we visited the Arch MI AP team to check in on them one week after their Oracle PeopleSoft AP automation go-live.

They are thrilled with the CoreIntegrator AP automation solution and happily donned CoreIntegrator t-shirts in celebration of a successful Oracle PeopleSoft AP automation implementation and go-live!

Oracle PeopleSoft AP Automation
The Arch MI AP Team a Week after Going Live with CoreIntegrator Enterprise AP Automation

Here at CoreIntegrator our marker for success is your business growth.

We love working with customers like Arch MI that push our software to its limit. Congratulations to the Arch MI team for a successful PeopleSoft AP automation implementation!

And thanks being such a great team to work with!

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