A/P One™ Enterprise Services Overview

SOC 2, Type 2 Certification:

CoreIntegrator is a certified SOC 2, Type 2 company with a current audited report valid for the previous calendar year.


A/P One™ Enterprise is offered as an online service platform designed to provide a safe, secure environment to receive, process and approve invoices and perform other procure to pay transactions including travel and expenses. Included with the service agreement are the following services and features:

  • If using A/P One’s Verified Data Capture Service, invoices are to be emailed or scanned directly to the cloud for processing (an email account will be provided) with a next business day turnaround timeframe. Invoices with “immediate” processing requirements can use the drag and drop feature in the software to bypass the data capture service.
  • 250GB (500GB for 3-year agreements) of online storage for Invoice documents and supporting documentation. Based on an average of (2) pages per invoice and a standard file size of 75k per page, approximately 150,000 invoices can be stored online (CoreIntegrator is not responsible for, or has any control over, the file size of invoices sent to A/P One™ for processing which may impact the total number of invoices available to be stored online with the base storage). Additional storage may be purchased at any time.
  • Comprehensive support is provided via the help desk portal. Up to (2) key contacts may submit support requests to the help desk. If a support request is determined to be a billable related request, the help desk will respond either by phone or email with the details prior to handling the request.
  • A/P One™ is available for use 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – Verified Data Capture Services ™ is available M - F. There may be periods of short-term outage (less than 8 hours, performed on weekends) for general updates and new releases. Advanced notifications will be made for any periods of unavailability.
  • If it is determined that you will exceed (or have exceeded) the number of invoices allowed per your volume agreement, you will have the option to increase your volume agreement to the next incremental volume available. A pro-rated charge to your annual anniversary date will be invoiced for the difference. If you exceed your annual volume and do not take corrective action within a 30-day period from the date in which the annual volume was exceeded, the A/P One™ service will be placed on hold.

Termination of Service:

  • A/P One™ Services can be cancelled at the end of the renewal period by providing a (30) day notice to CoreIntegrator prior to the renewal date. The customer has the following options after the service is terminated:
    • Prior to the termination date, the customer can output “data” via a query and export the data to an excel file for all transactions previously processed that are currently stored online.
    • If copies of the actual Invoices, including the associated data, are required – an export of both documents and data can be made to a designated server location (via file transfer) for a one-time export fee based on the export requirements.
  • If payment is not received prior to the end of any billing period, the service will be shut off. The documents and data will be preserved for up to 30 days. If after 30 days there is no further agreement or payment, the documents and data will be deleted. If payment is received within the 30-day window, all documents will be exactly where they were prior to the service being shut off.
  • If the A/P One™ services are no longer required but the customer desires to access historical documents online, a minimum monthly fee (based on 250 invoices per month) will be charged plus any additional disk premiums required to store the documents and data.