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A/P One Enterprise workflow automation benefits large companies that process over 10,000 invoices per year. 

For the cost of a little over $1 per invoice, your company can create its customized accounts payable automation process. With a seamless integrated accounting system, your people forego the typical steep learning curve that comes with training on a new system. Improving finance workflows within just three working days.     

But why should smaller and medium-sized businesses miss out on creating an optimized, automated accounting workflow that does all the heavy-lifting for them? 

We built A/P One, our cloud-based SaaS AP automation solution, for organizations that process between 3,000 and 15,000 non-PO invoices per year. Moving over to this platform can completely digitize your accounting process, a move which has saved some of our current clients tens of thousands of dollars. 

A/P One can seamlessly deliver approved invoicing data directly into your accounting integration: 

  • No more wasted hours of manual entry
  • No risk of duplicates
  • No human errors 


This video will take a deeper dive into the key features of AP One. You'll see the dashboard and how this AP system streamlines your day-to-day AP process.

Accounting integrations that suit your current setup

One of the most common frustrations we have seen over twenty years of operating is that your people are familiar with their current system and don’t want to change it. Even though the benefits of a new software are obvious, change management can be messy and switching to a new program leads to operational problems and delays. 

Moving to a new accounting platform without giving your people proper training is like putting your child on a bicycle for the first time without training wheels - pretty awkward at best and dangerous at worst. 

Fortunately, we’ve found a solution. 

Instead of overhauling everything that your finance function enjoys about their current accounting software, we listen to what you need and build a custom workflow. Suiting the way you’re already working, we build in ways to improve efficiency without pushing your people to the limits of their re-training and upskilling efforts.  

Here’s an example:

Microsoft Dynamics AP Automation Integration

20 years ago CoreIntegrator pioneered accounting system integrations with AP automation software. We created one of the first AP automation integrations with Great Plains accounting software. GP accounting software was cutting edge and so was CoreIntegrator!

And today CoreIntegrator continues to lead AP and other workflow automation for businesses and organizations that run their accounting on Great Plains' successor Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Our client, Vertical Bridge, was already using Microsoft Dynamics to process invoices, but had hit a wall as they began to scale. Their previous process was reliant on staff manually entering paper invoice data into the Microsoft Dynamics system, and then further manual work to push these payments through the approval process.

The team at CoreIntegrator were able to custom-build a new workflow, based on their pre-existing accounting integrations with Microsoft Dynamics. In fact, the new system was able to memorize how the finance team treated each invoice through specialized SmartAP learning technology. It resulted in:

  • Payment time decreasing from up to 90 days to on-time
  • Qualifying for early payment discounts
  • No risk of human error (as manual data entry was reduced significantly)
  • Team members having total insight on invoice status and financial data
  • Completely digital invoice management process

Here’s what Vidette Pires, the Senior VP of IT at Vertical Bridge had to say:

“Unlike other AP software vendors, CoreIntegrator was willing to specifically customize their solution to our business process needs. They tailored an AP automation system for us instead of trying to force us to fit into a one size fits all package.”

Click or tap here to learn more about the CoreIntegrator integration with the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics.

We also made an integration with Dynamics GP's cloud-based cousin Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC for short). With our Dynamics BC integration you can get to 100% cloud based accounting ERP system and AP automation.

CoreIntegrator Microsoft Dynamics GP AP Automation

With over 20 years of experience, CoreIntegrator has one of the most comprehensive, robust and proven AP Automation integrations with Microsoft Dynamics on the market.

Read more about our Microsoft Dynamics Workflow automation integration. 

Other Accounting System AP Automation Integrations

Not a fan of Microsoft Dynamics? 

That’s ok, we’ve used our 20 years of knowledge and experience to build CoreIntegrator AP automation accounting integrations with any pre-existing platform on the market. Including multiple systems at once. 

So if you think your accounting system won’t be compatible with AP automation, think again! 

Think top-selling mass-market accounting systems like Oracle Peoplesoft, Quickbooks, SAP Concur, Sage Intacct, Yardi and Vista Viewpoint. But even if you use a less common accounting solution, we can build custom integration solution. For example, we've even managed AP automation integrations with large government agency custom accounting systems and legacy programs like Lawson. 

In fact, you can read about the 6 best accounting software integrations straight from the experts. 

Customers like you should expect industry-leading AP automation solutions, and can benefit from access to an entire knowledge bank of accounting and finance best practices. Including emerging technologies and trends, this means that you can get ahead of your competitors and scale with ease.

Want to see which Accounting system integrations could benefit you?

No matter what accounting system or ERP you are currently working with, CoreIntegrator can provide accounting system integrations that will allow you to save time and money by automating workflows.

A/P One customers get out-of-the-box automation in next to no time! This way, clients can start saving time and money right away and without disrupting daily operations. 

Since A/P One Enterprise is a better fit for large corporations, so many more of the accounting and finance processes are able to be automated. This provides immediate cost savings per invoice and direct ROI. 

Fortunately, no matter which AP automation solution you need, every single client gets access to a huge resource bank of best practices. These can be applied to both your wider finance workflows and more specific accounting systems, ensuring that your people gain maximum efficiency without wasting countless hours on manual tasks. 

Contact us today to see how we can create an integrated solution with a focus on AP automation for your accounting system, no matter which program is already working for you.