About Us

CoreIntegrator is a growing team of smart, energetic, fun and dedicated people who are committed to helping our customers not only use CoreIntegrator Workflow on a day to day basis but to help expand it to make the most of each customer’s investment.

We recently introduced a new major release of our software based entirely on ideas and concepts from both our customers, partners and from our entire CoreIntegrator team. Everyone is involved in the direction, the support and the creation of innovative new features in our products and we are proud to do this directly with our customers.

After going live with CoreIntegrator workflow, one of our customers said, “you’ve made coming to work fun again”. It’s that type of reaction that keeps us motivated to constantly strive to deliver the best possible service and support to our customers each and every day.

We look forward to our new customers and partners as we travel down this exciting path together; a journey to help not only our respective businesses but to help each of us reach our individual and personal goals. Join the team!