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A/P One: Accounts Payable Software for Small Business

Accounts payable automation software isn’t just for big corporations anymore. A/P One accounts payable software for small business by CoreIntegrator has arrived.

In fact, any sized business that processes more than 250 invoices per month can save time and money with A/P One.

AP Automation Software for Small … and Medium-Sized Businesses

Until recently, only large corporations or organizations could benefit from accounts payable automation.

That’s because realizing time and money savings from automating AP was only possible with an upfront investment in a customized solution. But traditional AP automation solutions can take months to design and implement and can cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But with A/P One from CoreIntegrator, your organization’s AP automation can be up and running in only a few days – no matter how many users and approvers you have. A/P One has pre-built workflows for all the most common AP processes, like non-PO invoices, Purchase Order Requisition, Receiving and PO Matching.

And right now your company or organization can start enjoying time and cost savings from AP automation within three days!

A/P One Accounts Payable Software: Designed for Small Business

Accounts payable software for small business

A/P One is a cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) solution designed specifically for smaller businesses and organizations that process under 15,000 invoices per year.

We know that cash flow is critical to small businesses. So A/P One does not have large upfront costs. And you only pay for the invoices that we process for you!

When you contact us our team will work with your accounting department to configure A/P One to your AP process using our powerful CoreIntegrator Workflow engine called CoreFlow. CoreFlow was developed based on 20 years of experience working with large corporations and organizations to automate their complex AP processes. This means A/P One has automatic AP processing best practices built in.

So your smaller company or organization gets the benefit of advanced enterprise automation. Features like CoreIntegrator Smart A/P, custom forms, approval workflows and data capture designed for large companies and organizations are included all for free.

How A/P One AP Automation Software Works

Once configured, A/P One is simple to use.

You or your vendors simply upload or email invoices to our cloud-based solution using an email address specific to your organization.

That’s it! No OCR software to deal with or hardware involved!

The invoice then appears in your clerk’s A/P One work queue within 1 business day with important data automatically entered in your system ready to be processed.

Most importantly, with A/P One AP automation for small businesses, there are no massive OCR technology investments. Instead, A/P One uses CoreIntegrator Verified AP Data Capture Service. Our unique data capture service combines technology with human review to achieve nearly 100% accuracy on AP invoice data capture with no upfront investments in OCR hardware or software.

Using A/P One, your AP clerk simply confirms the data, selects the GL expense code (or confirms it if Smart A/P has automatically entered it) and electronically sends the invoice to the internal invoice approver(s). The AP clerk can then track the entire approval process through as many approval levels as needed.

And invoice approvers love A/P One’s one-click invoice approval process that can be done on any device from anywhere in the world.

After approval, the AP clerk does a final check and then submits the payable transaction to the accounting system.

With A/P One invoice processing automation, AP clerks can process invoices SIX TIMES FASTER than manual processes.

And best of all, with A/P One the entire AP invoice process can be managed remotely so your staff can work from home if need be.

Pay Only for the Invoices A/P One Processes

Your organization will see immediate time and cost savings with A/P One.

Our unique tiered pricing model means you’ll pay a fair price for the number of invoices processed, which is typically under $2 per invoice.

And that cost goes down as the volume of invoices goes up.

Your monthly cost is based on the number of invoices your business processes. No hidden costs or surprises!

That’s an amazing deal considering that manually processing a SINGLE invoice can cost a company anywhere from $14 to $20 in hard and soft costs.

We sure you’ll love our AP automation solution.

Save time and money

Conclusion – A/P One: The Ultimate Accounts Payable Software for Small and Medium-Sized Business

With A/P One your small business will get state-of-the-art cutting-edge AP automation software built for Fortune 100 companies.

Your company or organization will start to see time and cost savings immediately with no big upfront investment. And manual and paper processes will be a thing of the past.

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