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EMERGENCY USE OFFER – A/P One Remote AP Invoice Processing Service

Businesses across the country are trying to figure out how to continue to operate under the social distancing and work from home policies resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many businesses were caught off guard by the sudden work-from-home requirements and don’t have a system in place to process accounts payable invoices remotely.

A/P One from CoreIntegrator can help.

And in light of this crisis, CoreIntegrator is providing an emergency use offer of its cloud based AP invoice processing service called A/P One.

  1. We are waiving annual commitment requirements.
  2. AND we are offering one month of free remote automated invoice processing to any company that processes accounts payable invoices.

Best of all, we can configure and implement A/P One for your company in 2 to 3 days. And we can implement it for your business totally remotely!

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About A/P One Remote AP Invoice Processing

A/P One is a cloud-based AP invoice processing service hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

With A/P One, your business or even your vendors can email invoices directly into the A/P One service from the office, from home or from anywhere via email.

Invoice data including vendor, invoice number, invoice date, amount and (optionally) PO number is then automatically entered from the invoice into your A/P One system.

The invoice is then placed in your staff’s work queue for review and approval.

Since A/P One is a cloud-based solution, your staff can access the system to process invoices from home. And approvers can review and approve invoices remotely on any device.

We can remotely set up your unique invoice review and approval process up in 2 to 3 days so your invoices can be received, processed and approved in a remote, virtual environment.

Once approved, invoices can be remotely pushed to your ERP or accounting system for payment.

So in addition to allowing remote processing and approval, A/P One saves time and money. Check out our A/P One Cost Savings Calculator to see how much money you could save by using A/P One!

A/P One Emergency Use Offer

In light of the Coronavirus national emergency CoreIntegrator is making the following Emergency Use Offer to all qualifying businesses to use A/P One to remotely process your critical invoices during the pandemic.

No Annual Commitment

We realize that during these uncertain times businesses are wary of making long-term commitments.

CoreIntegrator’s normal subscription terms require a one year commitment.

During the Coronavirus crisis we are waiving that requirement.

You can start using A/P One within 2 or 3 days with no commitment. You will be on a month-to-month subscription, so you can cancel at any time. Or convert to an annual subscription in the future.

One Month of Free Invoice Processing

We know that right now cash flow is a concern for every business.

So we are offering one month of free invoice processing.

We will waive the first month’s subscription cost for all customers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

So not only will your business gain the ability to process and approve invoices remotely, you’ll save time and money with automated data entry. AND you’ll get all of that with your first month free!

All you pay is an implementation fee for installation, configuration and training.

Pricing Features for A/P One Remote AP Invoice Processing

Subscription Model

A/P One operates under a subscription model. We have tiers starting at up to 250 invoices per month.

From there we offer escalating subscription tiers. And the subscription cost per invoice goes down as monthly volume increases.

Unlimited Users

Since pricing is based on number of invoices processed rather than user licenses, you can have unlimited users on A/P One. Unlimited invoice processors. Unlimited invoice approvers. Unlimited access to the A/P One processing system and unlimited access to the A/P One invoice approval system from desktops, laptops and mobile devices!

No Peripheral Expenses

As a cloud based software as a service, there are no extra hardware, software, server or support fees for A/P One – all are included.

Implementation Fee

There is an implementation fee for A/P One that includes installation, configuration and training.

However, during this national emergency we are willing to work with you to reduce the implementation costs and preserve your cash flow.

We truly want to help.

Contact us and we’ll we’ll go over pricing specifics based on your specific business needs.

Stay Safe. Be Well.

We hope this offer will help you maintain business continuity during the tough days ahead.

We wish you, your business and your family all the best during these trying times. Be sure to wash your hands, practice social distancing and keep your spirits up.

Together, we’ll persevere!

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