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Our AI processes up to 93% of your invoices by itself – and helps its human colleagues do the other 7%. So you have more time for tasks that are actually important.

Your new employee has incredible references


We make your AP employees better, see?

In our fact sheet, you find more deep insights into all important KPIs.
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    6 years
    Invoices handled
    Time per invoice
    3 minutes
    Primary job duties

    Data entry
    PO Matching

    Job description



    Alice + CI

    6 + 25 years
    Invoices handled
    100s of millions
    Time per invoice
    1 second
    Primary job duties

    Exception handling
    Vendor management
    Discount negotiation

    Job description



    Right now, every invoice costs you $12

    Yes, $12 for every invoice Alice processes manually. That means that for every invoice under $12 you receive, you actually lose money.
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    Your new resource only gets paid when it works

    With our innovative subscription model, you only pay for the invoices CoreIntegrator automates - starting at just over $2 per invoice and as low as $1 per invoice based on volume. Fair and predictable pricing that scales with your company.
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    And it takes over up to 93% of invoices

    That means that for 93 out of 100 invoices, none of its co-workers has to lift a finger. For the remaining 7 invoices, it offers guidance and highlights inconsistencies.
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    How does the actual process work?

    We poured over 25 years of industry experience into this product, paired it with cutting edge AI technology. And the result are top of class industry solutions like these.
    Send POs for approval to the right contact automatically

    Automatically captures invoice data

    AI based automatic PO/Invoice data matching
    Wrong data triggers exception handling process
    Pre-approved PO triggers invoice approval
    Automatically pay approved invoices securely

    The process explained step-by-step

    Step 1 / 5

    Eliminate Data Entry

    Intelligent Character Recognition:

    CoreIntegrator utilizes intelligent invoice data capture to automatically extract invoice data without manual input. This isn’t old-school OCR. Our Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) learns from its mistakes. This reduces errors associated with human data entry and speeds up the processing time, allowing you to efficiently handle larger volumes of invoices.

    Verified Data Capture:

    With CoreIntegrator Data Capture Service, we automate your AP invoice data through our rigorous automated AND human verification process. So, you can rest assured that your data is 99.9% accurate. And any time there is a discrepancy, a question, or even a doubt about a piece of data, we flag that invoice data for your AP staff to review.

    Step 2 / 5

    Automate PO and Invoice Approvals

    Workflow Automation:

    Our easy-to-configure and use workflow automation ensures that invoices follow a predefined approval route, ensuring that the right individuals review and approve purchase requisitions and invoices. By automating this flow, you can eliminate bottlenecks, ensure compliance with internal policies, and expedite payment processes.

    Step 3 / 5

    Touchless PO Processing

    Automated PO Processing and Matching:

    Automating Purchase Order (PO) processing and matching revolutionizes the way businesses handle their procurement and invoicing workflows. Leveraging advanced algorithms, our AI automatically matches incoming invoices with the corresponding POs, ensuring accuracy and eliminating discrepancies.

    To be clear, unlike the competition, CoreIntegrator solutions match POs at the LINE level, not just the header information. This level of detailed automated matching is revolutionary. We automatically match 93% of PO lines with receipt lines. And flag the other 7% for exception handling.

    This reduces the time and effort spent on manual verifications, decreases the chances of payment errors, and streamlines the entire procure-to-pay process. Moreover, with automated alerts for mismatches or deviations, companies can swiftly address any issues, fostering enhanced vendor relationships and ensuring financial integrity.

    Step 4 / 5

    Deep insights into your AP process

    Real-time Analytics and Reporting:

    AP automation tools offer real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, providing businesses with instant insights into their payable operations. This allows for better cash flow management, early payment discounts capture, and proactive identification of potential issues or inefficiencies.

    Step 5 / 5

    Pay your Bills Safely

    Fraud Detection and Compliance Tools:

    Our solutions incorporate fraud detection mechanisms and compliance tools. They automatically cross-check invoices against various parameters and databases to identify suspicious activity, ensuring that payments are legitimate and adhering to both internal policies and external regulations.

      Ok, but how much do I save, really?

      The short answer: a lot. The long answer: Use our calculator to find out. Fill in your company's AP figures and see how much you'd save using CoreIntegrator.
      Annual number of AP Invoices
      Annual AP Invoice Spend
      % of Spend Converted to vCard Payments

      What makes CoreIntegrator the best choice

      We implemented our software into hundreds of companies already. This is why we can say:

      It's powerful

      Our solutions are built to make as much of your AP process as possible touchless. We don’t just solve one piece of procure to pay – we automate it all.


      Our customers are happy

      Our priority is plain and simple – customer happiness. It’s embedded in our culture and in everything we do. We’ll let you speak with as many of our customers as you like. They are ALL references.


      Constant updates

      All new releases go through a stringent testing and quality assurance process. We’ll keep you up to date on evolving best practices and you won’t miss a beat.


      It’s easy to use

      Our customers rave about how simple and intuitive our user interface is. In fact, our solutions are so easy to use that many users need only minimal training - and some don't need any training at all.


      Always Cutting Edge

      And not only now - we keep our solutions that way. Always innovating to make your AP process more efficient. We've already added innovative AI to them and will continue to roll out additional AI functionality.


      Detailed & efficient implementations

      We pride ourselves on detailed discovery and scope work, efficient implementations, and genuinely happy customers.

      What to do next, here are your options

      Your options

      Do nothing

      Digitize invoices with your accounting system

      Get a cheap solution
      Partner with CoreIntegrator

      Free. No effort required

      You’ll be able to see and store your invoices digitally
      It’ll be cheap.
      Fully automated PO and invoice process.
      Things will get worse, your AP team will hate you.

      You won’t actually save time or money.

      You won’t automate much.
      You’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t do it sooner.

      The onboarding process

      We've implemented our software into hundreds of companies already. This is why we can say:

      We start fast

      With many competitors, you wait months to start after signing a contract. We allocate resources around YOU. And can even start within days if you want.


      Weeks, not months

      Simple implementations can be done in under a month. In fact, our implementation speed and quality are qualities our customers deeply appreciate.


      Minimal Training required

      Our user interface is so intuitive that most users can learn it in under an hour. Our customers even report that many of their employees don’t need any training at all.


      We’re there the whole way

      Whenever you have a question, one of our experts is just a phone call away. Not only during, but also after implementation and onboarding.

      We already called references for you, here's what they have to say


      "This was my second time implementing a CoreIntegrator solution.

      That's the highest compliment I can pay to it. It works so well that we chose it again for Starr after I had already implemented it for a previous employer.”

      Starr Companies
      Theresa Rago

      Orthopediatrics: 93% of POs Automatically Matched

      Orthopediatrics is experiencing 93% straight through processing from supplier email to the ERP – completely touchless by human hands. And this isn’t PO header matching. We automatically match each and every line on the PO. Even when there is no part number or SKU- you've got to see it to believe it!
      Check out this case study

      Vertical Bridge: From Late Fees to Early Pay Discounts

      Vertical Bridge used to sometimes fall 2 to 3 months behind in processing invoices leading to late fees and angry vendors. With CoreIntegrator they pay every invoice on-time and can even qualify for early payment discounts.
      Check out this case study

      Here is what our other customers are saying...


      Sandra Dodge

      Sr. Financial Systems Manager 

      CoreIntegrator has allowed Iridium to be a completely paperless AP department. The increased efficiency and automation has exceeded expectationsThe team at CoreIntegrator always delivers outstanding customer service and an excellent product! Keep up the good work!!
      Reliant Senior Care

      Anthony Sciole

      Chief Financial Officer
      Reliant Senior Care

      CoreIntegrator allowed us to reorganize and utilize people in different roles – doing things that added to the bottom line rather than data entry.

      Leora Fadlun

      Orthodox Union-Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus 

      Thank you to the entire CoreIntegrator team who has been working tirelessly on this for us! We really appreciate it.

      Kellie Davies

      Payable Specialist
      Warner Pacific

      I could see from the very start that the CoreIntegrator solution was the one for us. It’s just so powerful and yet so simple to use. Every other product we demoed was just overwhelming. I wanted something that everyone would be able to use that was very intuitive. CI is that product!

      Vidette Pires

      Senior Vice President of Information Technology
      Vertical Bridge

      CoreIntegrator shared the AP workflow best practices that they have learned from 25 years of experience. Not just around their workflow automation solution, but for the entire AP process from procure to pay. Our accounting, IT and business units learned a lot from that. And unlike other AP software vendors, CoreIntegrator was willing to specifically customize their solution to our business process needs.

      Michelle Beall

      Nexion Health

      CoreIntegrator has been able to meet our diverse AP automation needs in the most effective and efficient way

      Sounds good but is CoreIntegrator
      right for me?


      I already have digital AP

      But you’re still doing it yourself. There is a huge difference between digitization and automation. We make your AP process touchless by human hands.

      My AP solution can pass files

      Passing batches of files is so 1990s. CoreIntegrator has deep and robust API integrations with ERP and accounting systems that seamlessly operate in real time.

      I don’t have time to do analytics

      You don’t need to, because we do it.. CoreIntegrator gives you easy to understand, actionable real-time insight into your entire PO and invoice process.

      I worry about data security

      So do we. A lot. That’s why we are a SOC 2 audited company. This requires us to follow strict data security controls. And every year we are audited to assure compliance.

      I don’t have time to implement new software

      We can have your AP process automated in just a couple of weeks. And, unlike other AP automation providers, we will kick off your implementation right away without delay.

      I need integrations to my accounting software

      CoreIntegrator integrates seamlessly into Microsoft GP, Business Central, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks and many other ERP and accounting systems.

      Frequently asked questions

      CoreIntegrator can integrate with most leading ERP and Accounting Systems. Here are just a few of the many integrations we support: Microsoft Dynamics GP (aka Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle NetSuite, Intuit Quickbooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, and many more. See our Integrations Section for more information.